Help! I’m now a Homeschool Teacher looking for a Tech-Free plan during Covid-19 outbreak!!

We spend so much time saying that screen time is detrimental to our childrens’ development and now we are faced with a plan to put them in front of a computer screen for potentially 5 hours a day…on top of their social media and gaming screen time.

While this is temporary, it’s an alarming reality we must face as parents, educators and instructional designers. It is paramount, we address at home learning in meaningful ways away from technology!

With little time for planning, many educators and adminstrators leveraged the benefits of 1:1 computing to their e-learning plan in order to avoid a required make up for missed school days during the Covid-19 school closure. Students comfortable with taking home their devices daily, allows for a quick and seemless transition to e-learning. However, these students are not enrolled in a University “online program” where that might happen, and in the course of a traditional students’ day, we would never expect five hours of screentime, nor would we allow it!

One might argue that desperate times lead to deperate measures. No! That cliche should be rejected as a weak response by those unwilling to respond to the needs of our students in desperate times. Have we become so dependent on technology that we cannot create meaningful work for them without a computer screen? Can we not capitalize on this time when they are free from the distractions of their peers in a classroom and ask for more rich, meaningful and relavant assignments?

If we think back to simpler days, engaging our kids in tasks at home was a meaningful way to connect concepts from the classroom to the real world. While some of us might feel right at home doing that, and may do it already, it’s easy for us all to get caught up ourselves with the technology and let the time drift away. So, I’m including a few simple ways to help us ask our kids to close the chrome book, laptop, power down the IPad, and just unplug with a fun, engaging and learning activty for students of all ages. And who knows, you might have some fun too!

Games/Ideas for Math



How to read a Map/Atlas

  • How to read a Map/Atlas
  • Map a trip
  • Convert Distances/Learn scale
  • Geography of the US/World


  • Baking
  • Measuring
  • Nutrition/read labels!
  • Safe Food Prep practices!

While this is a temporary situation we are all finding oursleves in, these are just a few ideas that you can implement to keep your child and household from excessive screentime taking over your live! Remember that you know your child best, build on what they like and go from there!

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